Khadi Global Kumkumadi Tailam

‘Quick-fix’ is what I wanted to avoid when I first started noticing dark spots on my face. My skin looked dull and lifeless. The omnipresent dark under-eye circles didn’t help. This just crept up on me, almost without warning. So, what’s a girl to do?! (Panic mode!)……Keep Calm ….and use Khadi Global Kumkumadi Tailam

Khadi Global Kumkumadi Tailam…


It comes in a sturdy, frosted, tinted glass bottle with a golden-black screw top with glass dropper. This is very convenient as you only require a few drops at a time. I really like that the dropper is made of glass too as it stays in contact with the oil till it lasts.

Screw top with a glass dropper of the Khadi Global Kumkumadi Tailam bottle

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The label gives you all the important information. However, since it’s a tiny bottle, the label details are barely readable. The same details are readily available online though.

Label on the Kumkumadi Tailam bottle is almost unreadable
Khadi Global Kumkumadi Tailam bottle label

Travel-friendly packaging as it’s very easy to carry with you.


12 ml

Key Ingredients:

Kunuma, Usira, Kaliyaka, Laksh, Yashtyahva, Chandana , Nyagrodhapada , Padmaka , Padmakesara , Nilotpala , Manjishta , Pattanga, Ajakshira.

Product claims:

According to their website, this ‘miraculous beauty fluid is a unique blend of oils and herbs formulated to help skin look young and healthy. Designed for clear glowing skin and to provide deep nourishment, relieve dark circles and acne problems, repair pigmentation. Specially formulated to help fight the 7 Signs of Skin Ageing’

How to use it?

Take 3-5 drops on your palm and dot your face with it. Then using your fingertips, gently massage it into the skin with circular motions.

If you have dry/combination skin, leave it on overnight for best results. If you have oily skin, it is advisable to wash off with lukewarm after 60-90 minutes after application.

If you have a severe skin condition, use it 2-3 times a day for a week. After one week, start using it once daily till you get the desired results.

My take:

First thoughts:

It’s a pale yellow colored oil. The consistency is neither too thick nor too thin or runny. It is just right to sufficiently hydrate my skin in a few drops and not leave my face feeling oily and sticky.

Pale yellow colored Kumkumadi Tailam
Khadi Global Kumkumadi Tailam is not very greasy

That smell though! I closed my eyes as took the first whiff and was transported to a saffron field! Not at all overpowering, mind you. It’s a very inviting, soothing saffron fragrance. Though it’s an Ayurvedic formula made with a combination of various herbs and spices (Safron or Kumkuma being the main ingredient), it doesn’t have that quintessential ‘Ayurvedic’ smell. Made me instantly happy that I chose it.

Sesame Oil and Goats’ Milk is usually the base for a Kumkumadi Tailam. This one is a 100% Ayurvedic formulation and is free of any harmful chemicals and additives. One of the main reasons I zeroed in on the Khadi Global Kumkumadi Tailam.

My reasons for recommending:

  1. Time-tested, 100% pure Ayurvedic formula
  2. NO Parabens, SLS, Petrochemicals, Urea, Propylene Glycol or other harmful additives
  3. FREE from artificial fragrances or colors
  4. Cruelty-free
  5. 100% natural and safe
  6. Glass bottle with glass dropper
  7. Travel-friendly pack
  8. My dark circles started to reduce making my face look fresher. Mr. Husband noticed and I received a compliment. Reason enough for me to recommend this to EVERYONE! 😉
  9. My face looks brighter as dark spots have also started to lighten and my skin tone is starting to even out. Happy me! 

Points to ponder:

  1. Ayurveda is not known for instant results. So, if you decide to go for it, then patience will be the key before the results start showing. 
  2. If, for some reason, you are looking for quick results, this may not be the right choice for you at the time.
  3. A mid-range Kumkumadi Tailam. There are other brands priced lower and higher than Khadi Global Kumkumadi Tailam. 

Final verdict:

I’m writing this review a month or so after I started using this Tailam. To be honest, I was very happy with the positive changes I started noticing on my face in about 2 weeks. However, I decided to wait and not rush into writing a review at that time.

1 month after I first started using Khadi Global Kumkumadi Tailam, my face is brighter and cleaner. Dark spots are visibly fading. Under-eye circles are less deep and dark, making my face look fresh.

Once I stop using the Tailam, for how long will the changes last? Only time will tell. For now, I’m really happy with the face in my mirror 🙂

I have dry skin. So, I used it as an overnight serum. I applied it once every night before going to bed. Had I followed the instructions and used it 2-3 times a day in the first week, maybe I would’ve seen better, faster results. But no regrets. I got to see the desired results I’d hoped for. 

Dark spots and dull skin were the triggers for me to go looking for an anti-aging remedy. I was in no rush and didn’t mind waiting to see some results. The only thing I was certain about was not to go for anything with harmful chemicals. Being a believer in Ayurveda, choosing Khadi Global Kumkumadi Tailam was a no-brainer. I’m glad I did!

P.S.: During my research to find the best Kumkumadi Tailams, I came across quite a few good ones. Will share the other options with you soon.


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